Francis Ilechukwu

Electrical/Electronic Engineering Graduate and Software Engineer.

My Projects

Repositories I recently pushed to.

Extended Code Igniter Session Authentication.
JSON Path Library for Code Igniter
A Code Igniter Helper for Building Vue/Vue SPAs with Code Igniter.
A PHP (code Igniter) Library for easily refactoring associative arrays (remove key-vals, rename keys, & inflate a value with respective objects from a mysql table based off provided primary key values). You'll find this library useful if you want to return payloads which should have different keys than what they exist as in the database.
GMail API for Code Igniter
A REST API Library/Framework for Code Igniter.
A CLI +(* GUI) Tool for Copying Material Icons into android Drawable Folders with Ease.
For Signing and Verifying JSON Web Tokens in Code Igniter.
A Code Igniter library to easily generate Open Graph Tags and other Social Meta Tags (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) in the header section of a HTML page.
Code Igniter helper for outputting popular JS and CSS library CDN links.
A Code Igniter Package for Rendering Swagger Docs Open API Schema (JSON & YAML).
Code Igniter e-Commerce library.
Social Login/Sign-Up API for Code Igniter

Projects/Products Deployed.

A Package and Dependency Manager for Code Igniter.

Featured Libraries/APIs.

Refactor associative arrays based on defined rules.

My Interests

Topics that I want to learn more about.